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1987 S10 Gas Gauge

Okay, I recently traded for an 87 s10. So far, so good except the gas gauge. It reads empty all the time. I checked the fuel level sending unit with a multimeter and it read like 100 ohms full and like 9-10 empty. I'm thinking that's pretty good.

I can't find a bad fuse anywhere. Idk if there's a relay I should show some attention to or not.

I'm thinking the gauge itself is bad. I've heard the voltage regulator might be the issue, but idk.

Any input?

Also, I'm wondering if I can buy an aftermarket gauge and figure out how it wires under the steering wheel if I'd be okay? Anyone know how the gauge wires?
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Re: 1987 S10 Gas Gauge

Hello and Welcome to the Forum, When you get a chance go to the Welcome area and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Need just a bit more info. what size engine, 2.5L or 2.8L, are the rest of the gauges working, just to help out on looking up a wiring diagram. Well if you have checked the IGN/GAU 20 amp fuse and you know you have good grounds. I would start at the fuse box, I believe its the pink /black wire that feeds all the gauges, so that's why I was asking about the rest of the gauges.

If you look in electrical section there is another thread called 1987 S10 Fuel Gauge Troubleshoot by Chicago5, he has a few pictures in there that you can use as reference points where to check for voltage and continuity, the plug on the column going up to the cluster check for loose, broken and or pulled wires. If you can, have the cluster pulled out and plugged in and check for voltage there at the back of the cluster where the fuel gauge is, at this point you can if you have voltage there at the gauge you can make a ground jumper wire to see if the gauge works . This is very time consuming, but I would replace the stock gauge if it comes to it, in stead of after market one.

Lets see, if you go to the FAQ Quick Links section, there is a thread there, Manuals for everything By Barn Owl, which can get you to a Link ARRC, and from there should get you a wiring diagram, I found it just need engine size. You can print it out and or save it to your pc to use while you are going thru it .

Hope this helped, Good Luck.

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Re: 1987 S10 Gas Gauge

Alex, if you had the notion, you could make bank as an on-line trouble shooter/mechanic. Wish we lived closer!

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