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I need help with a 57 Bel Aire please!


I don't know who to write too, or if this will fall upon deaf ears, but can you try to help me find a way to fix my dads 1957 Chevy.

My dad has been rebuilding and improving the car for decades, ever since my grandpa left it to him when he passed away - we had it running good, and drove it around a bit, but now it needs some mechanical work (clutch), and I don't know anything about fixing cars.

My dad had a major heart attack, and he loves this car. His plate number is My Dads 57. This is the only thing he owns from his dad, and I want to get it running so he can ride in it again before he can't cruise any longer. It is a serious request, as his heart condition is very serious. He has to have an external defibrillator vest at all times now.

He is a great guy - war hero with 2 bronze stars from Vietnam. I can go on and on about why he deserves this, but bottom line is that I need help. I will help with labor, tracking down parts - I just don't know what to do, or how to do it.

I was hoping that perhaps some local car enthusiasts might want a chance to wrench on a 57 Chevy to help a great guy out.

I can pay a little, but not a ton. I'm not looking for a restoration - just getting it put back together, maybe make a few improvements if I can, or do whatever we need to make it safe and road worthy! I want to drive him, and his oxygen tanks around on the weekends if we can make it happen before he is released from the Doctor in Florida to come back home. (He was actually helping someone change a starter in their car when he had his heart attack two weeks ago.)

Please review - share, and see if anyone might be willing to help out?
You should try the GO FUND ME ON FACEBOOK with family and friends not here.!!!

If there is a different place I should post this type of request, or if it is not allowed, please let me know.

The car is currently in Carpentersville, IL with the trans out, as my dad was going to put in a new clutch. I think it also needs some suspension work, but don't know what exactly - I can ask my dad more details once I find someone to help out. I was hoping to surprise him with it if I can.

Thank you in advance,

John Collier

A loving son

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Re: I need help with a 57 Bel Aire please!

John, sorry to hear about your Dad's troubles,,, and thank him for us for his service to our great country!
You will soon learn that car guys (and gals) are among the most giving people on the face of the earth. Because of distance, I personally can't help, but, if no one here is close enough to help, go to Tri-Five.com...........it's a site specifically for Tri-Five Chevrolets.
There are lots of members who share the love of 57 Chevys with you and your Dad. Many are also Viet Nam vets........see the connections? I'm betting someone on there, near Carpentersville, will come to your rescue quickly.
Please keep us posted on results........and feel free to contact me by PM if you haven't gotten something going real soon.
A few pictures of progress would be nice, too!
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Re: I need help with a 57 Bel Aire please!

Hey John, My name is Alex I will be headed up that way on Thanksgiving, I know this is a old post would love to help you out if your still needing it. Funny thing, I worked there at Rocky's for a few years in C'ville, I'm very familiar with that area.

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