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Re: quality source for beaded window seals / cat whiskers?

Originally Posted by Woogeroo View Post
Well, I used to be on that one until I got shadowbanned.
Yeah I also got banned from there because of the way a member and others had treated a sale and other sales. I had a sale/buy going on for a 67 top roof and down the back side right at the filler neck area I wanted cut. That sale went bad and 6 month later he re-posted the same one for sale this time it wasn't cut like it was supposed to have been before. I won't mention his name (sawman) opp's did I say that, this guy ended up being a real piece of s h ! t. My lil brother became a member and trapped him on that same roof top and Exposed him for the Liar he is, well long story short a Moderator got wind of that post and led to me being kicked or should I say banned for Life there all because I had two accounts coming from the same computer which that was called having Duel accounts which in part wasn't true but two accounts did come from the same computer Unbeknownst to me.

I know I said "well long story short" but things just keep pouring out of this lil head of mine,LOL. This site you will find that we here Don't blast people for asking questions "repeatedly like some times they do get asked. Mark has simple rules here just be kind and treat others like you would like to be treated like unlike "Liz's" 2.5 page new members Military style contract you have to have to belong there. You will like it here I think better then over at the Dark Side.

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Re: quality source for beaded window seals / cat whiskers?

Being a former trucker, repops reminds me of maypops. Re-tred tires that can (usally do) "pop" long before the tread is worn down.
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