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Az Geezer
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Re: Check engine light is on !!!

Exactly.........Bonnie had the check engine light come on on her '01 Tahoe. I took it to a friend's shop and he read the code, walked over to the gas filler door, tightened the cap, and all was well! She had filled up, and hadn't tightened the cap enough. She hasn't made that mistake since!
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Re: Check engine light is on !!!

On my 01 Dodge it cost me 50 dollars at the dealer to find that out. Went out and bought a scanner. LOL
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Re: Check engine light is on !!!

if your check engine light is on and not flashing.the only thing it will hurt is your pocket book.They are not as fuel efficient .IF IT FLASHING STOP.MEAN SOMETHING MORE SERIOUS
our 02 dodge had it on for 2 years(100,000kms) The tranfer case exploded on the hi-way(in 2wd) and smashed the charcoal canister.Never hurt it and had the same power but less gas millage 16 mpg instead of 18)
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Re: Check engine light is on !!!

Yea the only problem with the light being on is that here we have to inspect each car and truck and if the lights on or a code pops up it fails the test and if its not fixed they can and will take your plates and issue fines and cancel your drivers license and or put you in jail or both.
It can turn into a real mess.
They do not mess around here you play or pay its my choice which road I choose to travel down.
Same way with DUI's now it can ruin your life real quick
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02 sensor, emissions, tool, zr2

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