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Question quality source for beaded window seals / cat whiskers?

Hi folks.

I recently had to regoop my driver side door glass and the reproduction glass window seal I put on many years ago was rusted out and just plain broke and came apart.

I bought it from a large vendor and it rusted badly, right away...

Now, I know the vendors mostly get their parts from the same small handful of sources... but thought I'd ask if maybe anyone has found a quality source, just in case.

My truck lives outside in the weather and gets driven all the time, so it will get rained on, lots.



this part here :

(1964-66) Beaded Window Seals with Clips

also known as 'cat whiskers' because, well they really do look that way out of the vehicle.

The part that goes on both sides of the door glass to keep it from rattling.
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