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Re: 71 c/10 454

Sorry for being long winded I have time on my hands right now lol.
That's pretty much a list that you would need to make it road worthy alright lol, what else are your plans to make it that way?
Yeah sight unseen vehicles are tough ones to buy, you go with the intensions of a vehicle turn key and go, I go with a trailer in hand and usually you don't want to leave empty handed. But as you also experienced how luring a salesman with properly placed pictures and a sliver tongue can real in the right person.
Now we loose faith in them for the way they handled the sale, but if everything worked, we would be bored. Hence why you were looking for a old truck to play with. I was sitting in a room waiting for tire dealer to install a set on my daily driver and came across a Hot Rod mag, haven't bought one in years browse them on occasion if I see one at the store but came across this article that made me laugh and It hit me to a tea. took a bit to find, in the mag the title read if everything worked, I'd be bored.
As Mark also asked about specs. I'm curious to what the inside looks like now?

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