View Full Version : Phil's 65 GMC Suburban

Az Geezer
07-04-2014, 01:02 PM
OK, Jack and I couldn't get Phil to come on the site and post pics of his Burb, so Bonnie and I will try to post pics from my I-phone.......yes, I have an I-phone now. HAD to get it for work.......still don't know how to do a lot with it........here goes, we'll see if pictures appear........

07-04-2014, 04:49 PM
That's very cool..

07-04-2014, 08:17 PM
Yep.. very cool indeed. Tell us more, looks very clean.

Az Geezer
07-06-2014, 09:37 AM
I didn't get a shot under the hood, but I will. I know it's now a 350/700R4. Phil intends to hook up a DUAL A/C system (how cool is that?). pardon the pun.
Under hood is all cleaned up and painted (or will be). Inside, it looks like the 2nd and 3rd row seats slide? There is only one, pushed all the way back to the rear. I suggested just run that one up to be the second seat. Phil is going to recover them.
His plan is to leave the patina, but have it completely road worthy by the middle of October. He intends to drive it to the Pomona Swap Meet and sell it.
I think, running and driving, with AC, this thing will draw a crowd. What do you think?

07-06-2014, 10:02 AM
Yep.. the patina look is da bomb.. as the kiddies say. :grin:

12-02-2015, 08:32 PM
ok bill how much ?? it was nice to talk with you at good guys did Mike ever make it down ?

Az Geezer
12-02-2015, 08:47 PM
Henry, I think Phil may be in love with his 'burb now. He just had the glass replaced, interior is painted. Seats are done. AC works.............the list goes on..........
Mike got sick again and never made it. He was much better by Thursday and helped me eat the 20 lb bird.